Wittgenstein Family Database


The Wittgenstein Family Database is based on a relational database (MS Access). The database guarantees that all family relation-ships between the 150,000 individuals are free of contradictions. The data was compiled between 1982 and 2010.

Specific information and records from the database are available upon request.


Data for specific individuals
Lists of ancestors
Lists of descendents

Each set of data comes with a detailed expla-nations of method and of the abbreviations used, in German or English. All data is pro-vided in MS Word format. Gedcom-files are not available.
In spite of all care by collecting and inputting data, all information is provided “as is” and without warranties of any kind.
The database does not contain photos or copies of original documents. Those would need to be requested from the church parish or the appropriate archives. The data source is listed in the database.


Information is provided at a flat rate. Basic information is provided at a rate of €0.50 for each person found. Detailed information is available for €1.00 Euro per person found.
Information on the number of people found can be provided in advance.
Payment modalities are negotiable.


For health reasons please address your inquiry only to Mrs. Regine Kroh:

regine_kroh (at) yahoo (dot) de